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THE TALE OF TWO HEARTSAugust 29th, 2012 I hate running. I hate every bit about it when it involves pavement, a track, having to put earphones in, putting feet to a tempo and stride for the purpose of just...
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Dexter Tenison Fitness Studio is a completely unique Memphis Personal Training Studio dedicated to providing the highest quality and most professional personal training services in the fitness industry. We are able to do this while providing guaranteed results and creating the most fun and exciting workouts.

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We are best known for our amazing weight loss and body transformations, but we also work with expecting and new moms, doctors, nurses, brides-to-be, to athletes that enjoy the weekend competition and wanting to be a collegiate hopeful. No matter how great your goals are, we will help you make it happen!

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Dexter Tenison Fitness Studio has created a revolutionary way to offer personal training to the city of Memphis and the nation! Instead of just helping clients achieve a change in their physiques, we look at the entire spectrum of healthy lifestyle factors. We want every Adventure Fitness member to feel as good as thy look and in order to make that hapen, our team goes beyond what any other place in fitness or weight loss offers.

You no longer have the search through multiple health practices to find a nutritionist, Memphis personal trainer, wellness instructor, or motivational coach. Our elite, hand-picked team encompasses all of those specialties.

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Dexter Tenison, MSS, CFT

Founder of Dexter Tenison Fitness Studio
Memphis' #1 Body Transformation Personal Trainer
Voted "Best Health Club" by Commercial Appeals' Memphis Most
Awarded Best of Memphis in Trainers by USCA
As seen in the Commercial Appeal, Memphis Health and Fitness Magazine, Memphis Parent Magazine, Examiner
Best Selling Author of the book, the Wellness Code