Get Yourself a Cordova Fitness Trainer and Eat Great While Losing Weight

Are you living in the Cordova, Tennessee area and looking for a way to become leaner and more fit? If that’s you, then you should check into hiring a Cordova fitness trainer. A Cordova fitness trainer can be better for you than any Cordova gym or some celebrity diet. When you’re someone who needs to get into shape and lose unwanted pounds, you need personal guidance and someone there who can motivate you while at once holding you accountable. A Cordova fitness trainer can also help keep you from injuring yourself while working out while, at the same time, helping you to ensure that your workouts are as effective as possible.

The core element in any weight loss and fitness, however, is diet. If you don’t learn to eat better on a permanent basis, your workout efforts won’t get you all that far. Furthermore, you won’t be able to sustain the workout regimen that you need, anyway, because the “bad” food you eat will just sap you of your energy instead of providing energy for you. And there is a Cordova fitness trainer who can show you how to change your eating habits in the right way so that you can lose weight and have optimum energy levels. This Cordova fitness trainer is Dexter Tenison, MSS.

Tenison owns and operates the Dexter Tenison Fitness program. When you take part in this program, you will learn a new way of eating. But if you are afraid that this means you’ll have to “eat cardboard” or feel hungry all the time, you’re mistaken and need not fear anything of the sort. When you hire this Cordova fitness trainer, you will gain access to delicious, easy to prepare, and filling meals that have been scientifically formulated to provide you with high levels of protein balanced with healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats.

No, you won’t be eating empty carbs, lots of bread, or sugary foods. But you won’t care, either. That, is you won’t care if you love steak, grilled chicken, seafood, spicy sausage, and your choices among a wide array of succulent vegetables.

With Dexter Tenison acting as your Cordova fitness trainer, you will eat plenty of food, too. Counting calories is simply not part of this dietary regimen. It’s what Tenison calls the Meal Movement. You forget about the number of calories you’re eating and focus entirely upon the quality of those calories. That’s all you need to do to melt off two to four unwanted pounds every week until you get to where you want to be.

What he calls his Personal Trainer food has been compared with the food offered in celebrity diets like NurtiSystem and Jenny Craig. Not only do you get more food from the Cordova fitness trainer’s food, you get large helpings of protein and healthy carbohydrates, whereas with those celebrity diets you get low levels of protein along with a lot of processed carbs—a sure way to pack on the unwanted pounds again soon enough. As if that’s not important enough, with Personal Trainer food you get great taste—something that you don’t get with those other “cardboard diets”.

Personal Trainer meals are very easy to prepare, and prepare quickly. More than just TV dinners, it’s recommended that you try the Meal Movement for must one or two months in conjunction with a fitness workout regimen to achieve the results you want. Dexter Tenison is a Cordova fitness trainer who knows how to transform your health and your life forever. Don’t hesitate to contact him today.

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