Dexter Tenison

I probably don’t have the genes to be on a fitness magazine, but I have come a long way! As you can see, I was ashamed of myself and this really is one of the few photos I could find during my “heavy time.” I am a testimony that anyone, despite their background, can get fit, become more healthy and gain confidence!

Emily Lanigan

Sue Mullens

Dexter has given me hope. In only three weeks, I already feel great and I can see improvements in my clothes. Dexter did a presentation and educational hour at the beginning and that is what sold me to want to give this a try. I just wanted more! I am glad I did. Dexter has a team you could call number 1! Their work speaks for itself!

Bryan Graff
It was time for me to start getting into better shape, seriously. I found that Dexter's overall fitness plan worked just like he described to me in the beginning. His knowledge of combining resistance and aerobic training along with the correct way of looking at food turned out to be just what I needed. I am down in pants sizes and I feel so much more confident.

I feel and look better than I have in a long time. My endurance has increased, my overall health is better, and I have a better mental aspect since starting to train and eat correctly.

My hat goes off to Dexter due to what I have been able to accomplish.

Betty E.
I have had a very rewarding experience since working with Dexter. I have lost fat and inches. I began with two goals. The first was to improve my health. I feel better, I am sleeping better, and I have been able to cut medication for hypertension in half. The second was to look better. I have lost fat, pounds and inches that have improved my appearance. At this point, my dress size is two sizes smaller than just a few months ago."

The combined program of nutrition and exercise has been exactly what I needed to attain these goals and to help me remain healthy and active for the rest of my life, especially for a 60 year old!

Dr. Fred Hidaji

Fred After 1
I was looking for a person or a program that would help me lower my heart rate, lose excess body fat, and live a healthier lifestyle. I found one of Dexter's flyers and I scheduled an appointment to meet with him. At our appointment, he talked to me about the relationship between resistance training, aerobic exercise, and nutrition. I was impressed with the knowledge he gave to me and I decided to go ahead and begin the process of changing my body.

In a matter of weeks, I began to see physical changes in my body, as well as a decrease in my heart rate. There was a also a noticeable improvement in my energy level and and overall stamina. Being trained as a physician, I thought I was very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I was surprised to find that I had a lot to learn from Dexter. His approach towards resistance training, aerobic training, and nutrition is sound and practical. I believe strongly that everyone can benefit from Dexter's program, which he customizes for each individual.

Cyndy M.
The success and accomplishments I made while going to Dexter were above what I ever expected. I started Dexter’s program with a couple of goals in mind, learn how to resistance train correctly and safely, gain muscle strength to become a stronger runner and avoid injury, and lose fat without starving myself. I am 43 years old, had not run or done any consistent exercise for a couple of years. My muscles had become hidden under a layer or two of fat.

Before I started the program, I really was not aware resistance training made such a positive impact on running performance, fat burning and overall sense of well being. I used to think a good cardio workout was enough. It did not take long for me to see the benefits of resistance training. Two months after starting Dexter’s program, I started to run 5K races. I had run a couple of 5K races a few years ago finishing in 32 to 34 minutes. I thought I would never be able to finish in under thirty minutes. Resistance training helped me accomplish this. During the eighteen week program, I ran six 5K races and won three medals in my age group, two third place and one first place (with a time of 27 minutes and 39 seconds). It is incredible the amount of strength, speed and endurance I have gained just by adding resistance training.

In terms of diet and nutrition, I have never gone hungry following Dexter’s diet and nutrition advice. I have changed my attitude about diet and food. I do not count calories or weight myself anymore. My focus is on fueling my body frequently with a balance of good foods.

Dexter’s combination of correct nutrition, resistance training and cardiovascular exercise have all worked together to give me a strong, lean energy efficient body.

Angela Orso

I have lost weight in the past doing other programs but I never was tone and fit like I wanted to be. I wanted to look my best for my wedding coming up and I came to Dexter for help. Dexter was very considerate of my desires and needs and he taught me all aspects about living a healthier lifestyle in order to become leaner and more toned. After a few weeks, I began to lose inches all over and became so happy! Continuing working with Dexter, I still lost inches and it got to a point that I had to tell Dexter if I lost any more inches, I would not be able to wear my wedding dress because it could not be altered any further!

To make a long story short, I was ready for my wedding day and I looked and felt so good! If you want someone to get you ready for your big day, Dexter is your choice!

Carolyn C.
Carolyn before 2Carolyn after 8
I have always struggled with weight. There were a couple of years when I was single; I dieted diligently and was able to bike and swim rather regularly. I looked pretty good for a 27 year old. Other than those 2 years I’ve always struggled.

I work with a nurse who was training with Dexter. She had changed the way she looked rather dramatically; she had biceps, shapely calves, a flat stomach, and apparently lost a bit of weight. We discussed our common weight issues, previous attempts at weight loss and found we were alike. Her energy and enthusiasm about her work with Dexter was contagious. She urged meet Dexter to see what he had to offer. So in I went with an open mind and a need to do something positive about my health and fitness.

At our first meeting Dexter cleared misconceptions about dieting, offered a healthy manageable eating plan, and started me on a progressive fitness program. After 17 weeks I have succeeded in achieving goals that I set with Dexter in our first meeting. I have never felt this fit, even at 27, or had this sense of achievement about my physical condition. The program that Dexter developed for me never felt over-taxing. I was not sore. I felt a weekly sense of achievement as Dexter tailored my program. Over progressive weeks I could see measurable progress; the increase in stamina, weight I could lift, and my body shape. I am hungry for foods that feed me nutritionally, knowing that my muscles and body need specific balanced foods.

Those of us who’ve struggled typically want a fast and easy solution to change the way we look. It doesn’t happen; it doesn’t exist. Rome wasn’t built in a day, we didn’t get big over night, and there is NO quick fix. Eighteen weeks could seem like a long time, but when you think about what you would otherwise do in those eighteen weeks, why not do something worthwhile. The time has not been an issue. My sights were set to a near goal, Christmas. From mid July to Christmas, I could do that. I believed I could do that. In December I’d look good, be able to wear a smaller size, and feel really good. December has come and gone and I’m 2 sizes down and I look better than I did when I got married. I am very proud of what I’ve done and thankful to Dexter for giving the tools to get here.

Now that I am turning 48, my goal is to be fit and fabulous at fifty. Thanks to Dexter and his personalized program, I have accomplished changes in my body and fitness that I have not been able to do on my own.

Adrienne Cheatham
I am a 75 year old woman. About 13 years ago, I was in a bad car accident that left me badly injured and my spine was displaced. Also, ever since the accident, I have always had headaches and back aches. I went to doctors and I tried this and I tried that, but nothing really worked. I went into a depression.

I was in the hospital for my husband and I overheard a nurse talking to other nurses about what she was been doing to help her low back and help her become stronger and lose fat. I chased her down and asked her what she's doing and she said she is working with Dexter Tenison. I called him that day.

There are so many benefits that I have received since working with Dexter. My back is so much stronger and my back pain is now much less frequent and intense. I am making much better eating choices. I realized that I now can walk faster and longer than ever before! I overheard my son talk to my husband about me and he said that I look more slender and younger than I have looked in years. I know I don't suppose to check the scale, but I saw that I lost six pounds and I am down two pants sizes!

" feel so much better and I know that exercise is releasing the chemicals in my body that makes me feel so much better. I can't see myself without exercise now. I am taking a trip to Jordan to visit my son and I know I wouldn't have been able to do so without the new body I now have. I highly recommend Dexter and his work.

Susan Hutchinson
Susan after 1
I am 55 years old and I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia. My waist was thickening, I was about 20 pounds too heavy, I was feeling as if nothing looked good on me, and decided it was time to “do something”. In July, I decided to take action. My impetus to begin working out was both to change my appearance and health. I could not be happier with my results over the past five months since beginning my personal training with Dexter. Dexter takes a three-pronged approach to fitness for life, which is an adherence to supportive nutrition, aerobic conditioning and resistance training. When I met Dexter the first time he told me that just because I was 55, it did not mean I could not have the body I had at 25 years. That was riveting, and remained a huge motivator for me. Dexter expects you to work the program but the program WORKS! I would not have believed my results if I had not personally experienced my bodily transformation. My waist has returned, I have toned arms and legs, my abdomen is flat, and I have lost close to 15 pounds. I have more energy, and feel in control of my body because I now understand how it’s supposed to function. I don’t feel helpless or resigned to pounds “creeping up on me” as I did before. And, very importantly, I am NOT ever hungry. The food principles learned allow for wide varieties of foods, and even one “day off” when you are allowed to eat something not especially healthy. In fact, these days are encouraged, so nothing is forever forbidden!!

I began my work with Dexter wearing a size 10 (and climbing to size 12 in pants). After 4 months I bought my newest pair of pants at a size 6 -- and they are not even tight! Following Dexter’s individualized plans for me, I have done this not with hours and hours in the gym sweating away, but with moderate exertion that is easily accomplished by anyone, even my age and older. That’s what’s so amazing. And you progress so steadily and assuredly that before you know it you find yourself looking and feeling better than you have in years, and best of all, your clothes fitting loosely. I have had personal trainers in the past who have told me to “just exercise more and eat less”. Right. But Dexter gives you results and they speak for themselves. Dexter is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, professional, and personable. He has given me my body, energy and a healthy life back. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Tesesa Wampler

Dexter and I met once a week. We started with weight and resistance training, and each week Dexter changed my routine, adding more weights and doing more reps. Between our weekly sessions, I would use the print out that he gave me that detailed each exercise and work out on my own. Dexter was always very mindful of my lower back pain and showed me alternative ways to do exercises so that I did not put stress on my back. He also showed me how to do the same exercise in different variations in case the dumbbells or machines were in use. After about three weeks I began to notice definition in my arms. After about six weeks, I began to get compliments on my arms, back and shoulders. My friends asked me if I had started working out and total strangers would comment on my back and shoulders. After our ten week program, I felt stronger and more confident. I try to work out three times a week alternating routines that Dexter personalized for me. I continue to receive looks and compliments and I'm very pleased with my body transformation.

J.D. Flynn

Working with Dexter was great. He evaluated the situation and provided progressively more challenging workouts, while adjusting to my changing schedule. With Dexter's help I was able to lose the weight I gained from work and stress. I am very thankful to Dexter for helping me get healthy and fit after so many years of avoiding the gym.

Angela Wong

I am a student pianist. I had tendonitis in my right elbow before and I fear to get injured again. During the summer, I wanted to exercise at the gym, but I had no idea how to get started. So, I looked for a personal trainer that I could learn how to work out properly. My goal was simple: I want to stay healthy and to avoid injury."

During the first coaching, I was impressed that Dexter is very well organized, he explained his plan clearly. He asked me to keep a “food journal”, which is an effective way to watch my diet. He is knowledgeable and he cares a lot about his clients. After four weeks working out with him, I already felt stronger with my whole body."

Dexter was considerate of my needs, he customized his program so that I can accomplish it. Since I had a full load during the semester, to work out efficiently is very important. In addition, having coaching with him once a week is affordable, and his program becomes achievable.

I really enjoy working out with Dexter and I am very thankful to him. I highly recommend Dexter’s workout program.